Grilled Choco Cheese Sandwich

Choco Cheese Sandwich
Choco Cheese Sandwich

Why Grilled Choco Cheese Sandwich?

Grilled Choco Cheese Sandwich | Chocolate Sandwich makes a delicious finger licking chocolate sandwich specially for children as they would love the soothing and chocolatey taste which makes this sandwich absolutely wonderful.

This sandwich makes a perfect sweet – savoury snack which is so easy to make and the best part is, one can get as innovative and creative while preparing these sandwiches. I’m sure your kids would not mind helping you prep these up considering it has their favourite ingredient… it has chocolate to it. I have used Nutella and cream cheese spread to prepare these sandwiches, however one can use any chocolate spread, cheese and fruits of their choice.

Nutella is an amazing spread and can be used to prepare so many recipes. You sure don’t want to miss out on checking some of my recipes below using Nutella.

As I had prepared these sandwiches for my Live Cooking with Amul, I have shown grilled as well as plain chocolate sandwiches with an addition of simple ingredients making it more delicious. I have prepared these sandwiches in a round shape and used a bottle cover and cut the bread slices. You can also use an entire slice of bread for making this sandwich.

Teddy Choco Sandwich
Teddy Choco Sandwich

The Teddy Sandwich is the best one for kids and it’s very easy to make this. I have sandwiched two bread slices to which I added Nutella and Butter and for the ears I simply used the soft part of the bread left from the edges. Add some sprinkles or Nutella to the ears and mouth. You can get innovative and make various such types. There are no specific measurements to make a sandwich as one can feel free to add more or less of any ingredient per their taste and liking.

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Ingredients for Grilled Choco Cheese Sandwich:

  • 4 slices of white or brown bread, cut in round shape with a cutter or bottle cover
  • Butter
  • Cream Cheese Spread
  • Chocolate spread or Nutella
  • Crushed Cashews
  • Choco Chips or sprinkles
  • Coloured sprinkles


  • Butter the bread slices and apply some cheese spread to one slice and nutella to another slice and add some crushed cashews.
  • Make a sandwich and place it on a grill toaster.
  • Toast it for two or three minutes. You can apply some butter on top for browning it.
  • Garnish as per choice and enjoy your Grilled Choco Cheese Sandwich.
Grilled Choco Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Choco Cheese Sandwich

Check my recipe for Delicious Nutella Sandwich below.

Delicious Nutella Sandwich

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