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Welcome to Toss N Cook

About Us and Our Story!!

My passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes makes me a home chef by profession and also a proud owner of my brand named Toss N Cook.

Even as a young child I was always fascinated about cooking. The flavours, the colours, spices were all so full of taste and life. One of my fondest memory was to watch my mom cook, and all I could do was help her chop….peel or stir up the veggies!!! The aroma of her food always pulled me into the kitchen which allowed me to acquire and grasp some of her skills.

Being a foodie at heart and a Punjabi by birth are the perfect traits to keep me getting into my kitchen and trying my hands on various recipes.

From creating recipes to judging Corporate Masterchef Mumbai, I have now taken a step ahead to pen down and share all my innovations with all you wonderful people. Of course, you will surely find some amazing Punjabi dishes which I have inherited from my mum and some of which I have tried an tested myself.

I have collaborated with brands such as India Gate Foods, Amul India and Amul Arabia to host live cooking shows. I have also hosted an event on BookmyShow India. Recently, I had a chance to promote Diggers Food UK.

Welcome to my world of home cooking – Welcome to Toss N Cook!! Here you’ll get doses of my family’s daily meals from healthy breakfast, shakes drinks and much more….!!

Below is a small glimpse and video about my journey from a Home Chef to being a Judge at the Corporate Masterchef where I have created and hosted my own recipes at corporates like Sitel India, Hexaware – Mumbai and Awfis – Mumbai and also judged food events at these corporates simultaneously.

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O yes!! With the Chefs!!

Some images below about us at Corporate Masterchef Events

My First Master Class for Sitel India at the Corporate Masterchef Mumbai!! Exhibiting and preparing my Masterpieces Quinoa Rice Wraps for my lovely audience and yes it was a tough one to Judge & select the best dish you guys prepared!!! Thank you Sitel it was wonderful hosting this class for you!!

My Second Master Class for Hexaware, Mumbai at the Corporate Masterchef Mumbai!! Exhibiting and preparing my Masterpieces Krusty Quinoa Krunch for my lovely audience. Must say Hexaware has some talented cooks!! And yes it was a tough one to Judge & select the best one!!! Thank you Hexaware, Mumbai for having me to host this wonderful session for you!!

Another one in my Kitty!!! My Third Master Class for Awfis, Mumbai at the Corporate Masterchef Mumbai!! Exhibiting and preparing my Masterpiece Quinoa Salad for my lovely audience. You guys have been an amazingly enthusiastic audience. Again this was a tough one to Judge & select one best creation by you all!!! Thank you Awfis, Mumbai it was lovely conducting a master class session for you guys!!!

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Thank you GLA for this Gesture of Appreciation!! It was wonderful hosting my live session and showing my recipe Stuffed Grilled Chicken Pockets.

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Serving our home made delicacies to our lovely clients and some restaurant reviews!!!

A video collage about me at a Masterchef event

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