Heavenly Orange and Lotus Parfait

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What is Orange and Lotus Parfait?

Parfait refers to frozen dessert made with cream, sugar and fruit of your choice. It is usually layered and served in parfait glasses and these days in short or long glasses if made at home. Some recipes also call for eggs, however mine is an eggless version with three simple ingredients.

These days, my kitchen is loaded with oranges, and orange juice is something I have been sipping on everyday. Being a power house of nutrition, high source of vitamin C and rich in fibre content it is good to include atleast one orange or one glass of orange juice to your diet.

Lotus Biscoffs are my favourite biscuits for desserts and oranges. It simply adds a wonderful flavor and richness to any dessert. Orange and Lotus Parfait is a wonderful dessert prepared with only three simple ingredients and very quick and easy to make. You can use any fruit/fruits of your choice or seasonal fruits and add granola or dry fruits for that crunch to your parfait. I have used sweet thick cream and prepared this for dessert, however this can also be a good option for a healthy breakfast if you use greek yogurt or hung curd to prepare this. Adding Lotus crumbs gives a wonderful rich crunch to the creamy thick cream and orange pulp. I’m sure you’re gonna love this yummilicious dessert!!! Orange and Lotus Parfait – a wonderful delicious dessert!!

Orange and Lotus Parfait Recipe


  • 1 cup fresh orange pulp
  • 1 cup thick fresh cream (sweet)
  • 1 cup lotus biscoff crumbs

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  • In a food processor make lotus crumbs or put it in a zip lock bag and crumb it patting it with a rolling pin and remove in a bowl.
  • Whisk thick cream till nice and creamy. Whisking the cream makes it lighter, airy and creamy. Add little sugar as desired per your taste.
  • In a glass or a jar, layer the parfait with thick cream at the bottom, orange pulp and lotus crumbs..
  • Once arranged freeze for fifteen minutes or refrigerate for thirty minutes to an hour and serve chilled!!

Please Note:

  • If your fresh cream is not thick, remove it in a bowl and freeze it for 10 minutes and then use.
  • You can replace thick cream with greek yogurt or hung curd and add some sugar as desired.
  • You can use any biscuits of choice (but then you can’t name it orange & lotus crumbs..hehehe..).

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    Lovely flavourful refreshing delicious dessert.

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