Suran ki Sabzi | Suran Masala

Suran ki Sabzi | Suran Masala is a delicious dish which calls for a very few basic ingredients available at home. You can use boiled suran or just cook it along with the masalas. I prefer to cook it with the masalas as it wonderfully absorbs all the delicious flavours. Suran sabzi is a perfect substitute for non – veg and so I do add some chicken masala to this which enhances the taste of this dish, one can also choose to add pav bhaji masala or any garam masala. Ofcourse, you need to be a little careful while peeling the yam, I prefer wearing gloves however, one can choose to apply some oil to the palms before handling suran. Do try my recipe and I’m sure you’re gonna love it. Don’t miss to check the video that I have shared for Suran ki Sabzi at the end of the post.

Chana Masala | Kaale Chane| Punjabi Kaale Chane

Chana Masala also called as Kaale Chane is a very popular North Indian Punjabi dish. It is one of the most relished dishes across Punjabi homes.

Punjabi Kaale Chane can be prepared dry known as sookhe chane or with some gravy. Sookhe Chane is mostly served with pooris and with curry it’s served with jeera rice or steamed rice. At my home we prepare both ways as the curry is mostly prepared for the rice lovers at home. When some of it is left over, we eat it for breakfast the next morning as chana toast sandwich with lots of butter.


Duxelles – Well this is a French term used for finely chopped or minced mushrooms, cooked with garlic and seasonings. Duxelles can be prepared using various seasonings and it makes an amazing filling for puff pastries, croissants, chicken.

I’ve been fond of mushrooms ever since and enjoy my pizza’s, pastas, noodles almost all dishes that are loaded with mushrooms. When I learnt about Duxelles, I instantly recollected the chicken and mushroom pastries I used to pick up from Gaylord, a restaurant and bakery close to our house. I didn’t mind waiting patiently for the next batch to get baked as they were so delicious. As a kid I didn’t know that minced mushrooms were called Duxelles. Like always, I wanted to recreate the same taste that I relished during my childhood days and so, here I am with the recipe for Mushroom Duxelles.

Mutton Korma

Mutton Korma, is a rich Indian lamb curry which can be enjoyed with Butter Naan, Tandoori Roti or even with rice. If served with plain biryani rice makes it even tastier. Korma is a type of a curry for preparing chicken, meat or vegetables in a yogurt base. Mutton Korma is the most loved and…

Murg Saagwala | Palak Chicken | Chicken and Spinach Curry

This lockdown has made everyone so innovative and make the best from limited resources and from everything we have stocked up. Murg Saagwala or Palak Chicken was supposed to be a normal chicken curry I was planning to prepare for dinner. Realising I do not have coriander stored in my refrigerator, I chose to add…